SnoreFree App


Frequently Asked Questions

What is SnoreFree TK?

SnoreFree TK is a newly developed application offered in collaboration with the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK). The use of the app is exclusively free of charge for TK-insured individuals for 12 months; no costs will be incurred.

Do I have to pay for SnoreFree TK?

The use of the app is free for insured individuals of the Techniker Krankenkasse, and there are no additional costs.

What utensils do I need for the SnoreFree TK app?

Make sure you have the following utensils ready before you start the exercise program: gummy bears, a source of fragrance (e.g., essential oil), a glass, a bitter substance, a large white wafer (⌀ 40 cm), a bottle cork, a toothbrush, a thin drinking straw (⌀ 3 mm), a wooden spatula (or toothbrush), a plastic water bottle, and a balloon. Bitter substances: coffee, green tea, grapefruit, pomegranate, coriander, ginger, clove, herbal bitters, etc. or simply go to the health food store and buy bitter drops.

The exercise timer is not working?

Android: Please deactivate “Remove animations” in the system settings of your smartphone under Accessibility > Color and motion > “Remove animations”. (Alternatively, open the system settings and search for “Animation”).

Activate Email Address

To activate your email address, follow the instructions in “Meine TK.” Once you have received the confirmation email, you can download the app and register with it.

Did not receive an activation code via email?

Before you log in to the app, you must activate the e-mail address. Please follow the instructions in “My TK” and pay attention to the correct sequence. In case of problems, please 1. close the app completely; 2. activate the e-mail (again); 3. wait for the confirmation e-mail; 4. then start the app and complete the registration with this e-mail (watch out for typing errors) and your own password.

How do I delete my SnoreFree TK account?

To delete your SnoreFree TK account, go to the app’s settings, profile settings, and select “Delete Account.”

Adjust Language?

Please open the app’s settings, click on “Account Settings” at the top, and under “Language,” select your preferred language. The language of the app, videos and subtitles can be set individually.

How long can I use the app?

The free usage is intended for a period of 12 months. After this period, your account will be automatically deactivated, and your data will be deleted.

What happens to my data?

Your provided information is processed exclusively by Snore Free GmbH. We assure you that no personal or identifiable data will be shared with the TK or other companies. After the usage period of 12 months, your account will be automatically deactivated, and your data will be deleted. For more information, refer to the privacy policy.