SnoreFree® TK

Finally sleep through again.

SnoreFree TK
The new therapy app for snoring problems, exklusively for members of the Techniker Krankenkasse.

Techniker Krankenkasse

How does it work?


Log in to “My TK” and unlock your e-mail address.


Download SnoreFree TK from the stores


Create a new account in the app

Carry out the secure registration via 2-factor authorisation with the activated e-mail address.

Have fun training!

The SnoreFree method

is based on recognised speech therapy exercises and has been developed by Viennese speech therapist & anti-snoring specialist Dario Lindes since 2007.

Only 10 minutes a day.

The exercises, similar to voice training for singers & speakers, specifically strengthen the muscles in the mouth, throat & pharynx.

The SnoreFree training has a sound, scientific background and can significantly improve the quality of sleep and life within a few weeks.

App features

  • 36 easy to understand video exercises
  • 4 level training plan
  • Personalised for best results
  • Structured dashboard
  • Daily reminder
  • Anatomical animations
  • Meditations to help you fall asleep
  • Tips & tricks
  • In German & English with sound and subtitles

Become permanently snore-free, without surgery and without expensive or uncomfortable aids.

Technical information

Minimum requirements for installing the SnoreFree TK app:

  • iOS 14.1 or higher (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Android 10.0 or higher (smartphone, tablet)

To download the app, your mobile device requires 70 MB of free memory, the entire training requires approx. 500 MB.

To ensure the security of the app, the use of the SnoreFree TK app is not permitted on jailbroken devices.